NY Democrats Want to Tax Netflix Subscriptions to Bail Out Their Garbage Subway System

Studio R3 / shutterstock.com
Studio R3 / shutterstock.com

New York City Democrats have a problem on their hands. The New York City subway system has become totally disgusting and unrideable for normal people in the last couple of years. Rapes on subway platforms are common, as are stabbings and other types of violent assaults. There’s feces all over the place. It’s all part of their lovely plan to defund the police because of George Floyd. Not to worry, though! They have a plan to fix all of this – by taxing everyone’s Netflix and Hulu subscriptions.

After decades of Democrat Party mismanagement, the destruction of the NYC subway system was kicked into high gear after George Floyd. The subway is now facing a $2.5 billion budget shortfall by 2025. One of the primary reasons for this is that normal people won’t bother riding the subway these days. It’s just too gross.

One easy solution to this would be to hire more cops and tell them to bust some heads. The criminals and gangs that have taken over the subways know that they’re not going to face any problems in a defund-the-police world. Putting cops back on the beat would solve a lot of the subway system’s problems.

But that would be too easy for Democrats! Instead, they want to charge a 4% tax on all streaming services like Netflix, just to bail out the subway system that they wrecked through mismanagement. New York Governor Kathy Hochul’s original plan was to raise payroll taxes on everyone, but the legislature balked at that idea.

They’ve also kicked around an idea to charge a 50-cent tax on every Uber ride. Because why fix one problem when you could screw something else up instead? It looks like the Netflix tax on New Yorkers is the idea that’s gaining the most steam, though. If something makes your life better, safer, more prosperous, or healthier, Democrats are sure to oppose it or tax it into ruination.