Nurse Gets Her Own Save During Hurricane Ian

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Nurses are usually the ones doing the saving. Yet, when Hurricane Ian hit, an Orlando nurse on her way to work ended up needing the saving.
The nurse had attempted to drive through the flood waters. She got stuck on Orange Avenue.

A Florida reporter is the one who saw that she was stuck – and rescued her out of her car. He went as far as carrying her on his back through the waters until they were able to make it to drier land.

Tony Atkins was the hero of the day, a WESH 2 reporter. And his film crew got the entire rescue on film. Once it was featured on TODAY, Atkins had some fun by showing a video where he took off his rain boot and emptied all of the water from it. The caption was simple: “New socks, who dis?”

Hurricane Ian slammed into Florida, leaving more than 2.5 million people across the state without power. It hit as a major Category 4 hurricane, and the full level of devastation has yet to be discovered.

What we do know is that President Biden has already declared Florida a state of emergency and has ordered federal aid to provide supplements.
The nurse did not offer up her name, but she seems to be extremely grateful for Atkins to be in Orlando at the right place and the right time. She may have been carried to safety, but even when she was set back onto the ground, the water was still as high as their ankles.

Hopefully, she took the day off after such an ordeal!