No One Believed Bud Light Backlash Would Last This Long

LisaCarter /
LisaCarter /

It’s been over a month since Bud Light committed near-business suicide, and things aren’t showing any signs of getting any better. In fact, the backlash and boycotting of their beer and the entire company seem to only be gaining momentum.

According to a Newsweek report, sales ending May 20 show that the company is down by 29.5 percent. And Dave Williams, vice president for analytics and insights at Bump Williams Consulting, says this is even steeper than previously noted.

Of course, this should be no surprise to anyone of us. I mean, did you see the shelves in the beer aisle at the store on Memorial Day weekend? The only thing that was fully stocked was Bud Light and other Anheuser-Busch beers. Picture after posted picture proves no one wants this beer.

Not after what they did.

Naturally, the company and its parent company have done almost everything they can think of to help rebound those dropping sales. The first of which is to drastically lower the price. Hell, they’re practically giving it away at this point.

Additionally, they’ve partnered with much more macho brands like Harley Davidson for ad campaigns and put out limited edition bottles of both Budweiser and Bud Light that feature camouflage, undoubtedly as a way for them to regain some of their lost support, as well as signal pride in our military.

But none of it is working.

If anything shows that more than their continually diminishing sales reports, it’s their Twitter account. It’s been noted that since April 2, Bud Light has only made one post to social media – and it was not received all that well.

And so, it’s simply opted for complete silence.

Its YouTube account has also been strangely silent.

It has to be bad and realized if they won’t even risk saying a single word on social media in over a month, as well as forego any opportunity to put out free advertisements.