Nike Either Went Lazy or Artistic for the Women’s World Cup

Paolo Bona /
Paolo Bona /

Nike is responsible for creating the gear for many sports teams – and the national teams for the 2023 Women’s World Cup are finding out what the apparel company has in store.

Either Nike is a complete artistic genius, or the deadline snuck up on them before they could take their ideas to the drawing board.

There are USWNT home kits that will feature blue paint spatters on white.

It’s basically just a white jersey with blue paint spatter.

Lazy? Maybe. However, this is where the strike of genius comes in.

Nike is promoting the abstract expressionism to “highlight the energy of the USWNT and how they are diverse players and personalities.”

This is because the painting method will ensure that every uniform is unique in terms of the dot patterns.

Nike went on to explain that they gained inspiration from the abstract expressionism movement that “started in the 1940s in New York and shifted the art epicenter from Europe to the US, similar to what the USA team has done for women’s soccer.”

Wow, they really know how to sell the idea…

The splattered jersey will be paired with blue shorts and white socks. The debut of the apparel will be on April 8 when the US team goes against Ireland – and the game will take place in Austin, Texas.

The away jersey kits are a bit more inspired. Those will be blue and feature an abstract stripe pattern as well as a stars and stripe print on the cuffs of the sleeves. Those will be paired with blue shorts and blue socks.

The soccer players will definitely stand out, but we can’t decide if Nike is an artistic genius or just lazy with a really good PR team.