Newsmax Now the No. 3-Rated TV News Channel – Bye CNN!

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CNN has been swirling the drain for a long time. Once President Donald Trump labeled them “fake news,” it was all over. The failing station continued to draw enough numbers to justify not closing down shop and firing everyone, so long as Trump was in office. Once he left, CNN’s fate was sealed. In the latest sign of CNN’s irrelevance, Newsmax has now surpassed it to become the #3-rated news station on TV.

Just last Wednesday, CNN had a town hall with President Trump that drew more than 2 million live viewers. That was the biggest audience that CNN has enjoyed since January 6th. For the past three years, CNN has struggled to pull in 600,000 viewers a night, even with their biggest primetime “stars.” It consistently gets beaten by re-runs of SpongeBob SquarePants.

Newsmax walloped CNN on Friday night to become the third-most-watched network on TV. Sure, it’s just one night, but Fox News defeated CNN in the ratings for the first time one night many years ago.

Why did this happen?

Fox News viewers are migrating to Newsmax. Fox has started a downhill slide that started immediately when they fired Tucker Carlson as part of the Dominion settlement. Viewers have migrated to Newsmax, although they will eventually be just as disappointed by Newsmax as they are with Fox right now (Newsmax is also an anti-Trump org, just not as bad as Fox. Yet.).

Even more delicate Chardonnay-sipping liberal women have fled CNN’s audience since the town hall, when the Bad Orange Man hurt their feelings. So, with Fox viewers flooding to Newsmax, and CNN’s viewers shrinking at the same time, it looks like Newsmax is making its move. It’s got to be difficult for CNN’s shareholders to want to continue hanging onto their stocks at this point. The current CNN’s days look like they’re numbered.