Nancy Pelosi’s Comments on Biden’s Age Backfire Miserably

Daniel Hernandez-Salazar /
Daniel Hernandez-Salazar /

As you know all too well at this point, Democratic President Joe Biden’s signs of aging have become a rather serious concern. Naturally, those like former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have tried to come to his defense. However, let’s just say those remarks aren’t going over as planned.

Pelosi recently spoke to Evan Smith from the Atlantic, who discussed the future of democracy with her. Naturally, that involves the White House and who sits in the Oval Office, and so the two spoke about the rest of Biden’s first term, as well as the possibility of a second.

Smith pointed out that a growing number of people seem to be concerned with Biden’s age, not only because he’s already the oldest sitting US president but because he’s showing that age more than ever.

But Pelosi doesn’t see any of that as a problem and proceeded to say so.

As she told Smith, “He is absolutely a magnificent leader. He is younger than I am… so I don’t know what the problem is.”

However, more than a few social media users pointed out that her so-called defense isn’t exactly a good one, and neither is it without its problems.

For starters, he’s not really a “magnificent leader.” In fact, he’s the least popular one to ever sit in the White House. And then there are all the horrible decisions he’s made, leaving our nation worse off than before.

But even more problematic is the comparison of Pelosi’s age to Biden’s.

If you didn’t know, Pelosi is 82. Biden is 80. So while this does indeed make him technically younger, it’s not by much – especially at that age. I mean, they might as well be the same age.

Secondly, it’s not as if Pelosi isn’t also showing her age. As one Twitter user noted, “Someone needs to tell (Pelosi) that this is NOT the winning point she thinks it is. She also seems somewhat impaired in looks, voice & mannerisms.”

I mean, there is a reason the California representative had decided not to seek another term and has also given up a number of committee assignments in the last year. And no, it’s not just because her party lost and is no longer in the majority.

Lastly, the problem isn’t really with age at all. It’s how that age is affecting them. And clearly, it’s done a number on Biden in the last couple of years.

As Pelosi can somewhat make a case for, age itself is not a problem. While she is not in her prime anymore, a few can still attest to her sharpness of mind and wit. And, as she says, she’s older.

Instead, the problem is that Biden can’t go more than a few sentences without jumbling up his words. He’s proven that walking up the stairs of Air Force One is challenging on multiple occasions. Hell, he can’t even remember the name of his former boss or his own title half of the time.

The criticisms against Biden are not his age but his mental abilities, which clearly seem to be lacking as of late.

And Pelosi isn’t exactly doing him any favors by saying he’s ok just because he’s technically younger.