Musician Wants to Create Real-Life Wakanda in Africa

Krikkiat /
Krikkiat /

If you’ve ever seen or read anything related to Marvel’s “Black Panther,” you’ll have heard of Wakanda: a near-magical, little-known African country that supposedly contains hidden treasures. Well, one American musician has plans to actually create such a place.

Enter R&B singer Akon, who aptly wants to name his creation Akon City.

According to him, black Americans have lived in turmoil and racial injustice for decades, which is not altogether untrue. And so he’s proposing that all black Americans suddenly uproot their lives here in America and move back to Africa. More specifically, he wants everyone to move to the West African nation of Senegal, the home of his ancestors.

And there, he says they can use all the resources they have acquired in the US (no less than $6 billion is needed) to create their very own Wakanda, a “safe space for Black Americans and others facing racial injustices” around the globe.

As Akon explains, he’s already designed the city base on “traditional sculptures long made in Africa’s villages.” Only instead of wood, the structures will obviously be made using the finest metals and glass.

Additionally, he says that upon moving to Akon City, all black Americans could become millionaires “without even thinking twice because there’s nothing that’s not needed over there.”

Besides, if black Americans moved to Senegal en masse, they could cause America to “collapse overnight.”

Now, I’m sure you have questions.

Like how much dope has this guy been smoking? And how in the world does he plan on getting all of this done in a place that incorporates massive amounts of violence and where only 44 percent of homes have electricity?

And those questions are legitimate. Especially considering Akon was sued by former business partners and investigated by the FBI for “red flag” characteristics of “fraudulent business ventures, such as Ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes,” the New York Post reported.

To be sure, a real-life Wakanda would be great. But it seems Akon is the last man likely to create such…