Montana’s Latest Voter Laws are Unconstitutional

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Many Americans have been questioning the integrity of the election systems. After all, some of the voting laws are questionable, such as allowing more people to vote by mail or by eliminating the need to show any kind of ID.

Montana conducted a huge audit to see if the new voting laws actually allowed the state’s voters to do everything MORE securely instead of less.

Republicans within the state legislature passed at least four laws that would allow for the elections in the state to be more secure. And yet, as of this past Friday, they have been marked as “unconstitutional.”

A nine-day trial took place last month, and Michael Moses, the Yellowstone District Court Judge has officially decided that three of the laws were unconstitutional – and Democrats across the state are celebrating.

The laws that are now identified as unconstitutional include:
– Barring paid ballot collections
– Eliminating Election Day voter registration
– Requiring new voter identification

Moses believes that ending Election Day voter registration “severely burdens the right to vote of Montana voters, particularly Native American voters, students, the elderly, and voters with disabilities.”

As for requiring voter ID, it creates “unequal burdens on Montana’s youngest voters.”

The decision by Moses is a big one and has created a significant amount of damage to the Republicans across the state.

The US Constitution reads that legislatures have the responsibility to establish the state’s election process and that the court system and judges have no say. Obviously, Moses disagrees.

Now, it’s a matter of waiting to see if this issue is brought all the way to the Supreme Court. After all, who is in the right?