Marvel Cans Beloved and Iconic Superhero

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If you’re big into Marvel or comics, you have likely heard of “The Punisher.” But the political left has too, and apparently; he’s not all that well-liked. And so, like everything else they touch, they’re attempting to end him.

Let’s go back to your comic book days. You may remember that at the outset, the Punisher, also known as Frank Castle, was little more than a henchman of sorts. However, his character soon grew into one of the most beloved “anti-heroes” there ever was, partly due to more realistic parts of his background.

According to his backstory, he was a military vet whose family was brutally murdered. Since then, he’s been on a mission for vengeance. He has a penchant for firearms and isn’t exactly opposed to torture or several other rather brutal methods of vigilantism, including murder.

That backstory has allowed several versions of his story to be played out in comics, even becoming a wildly popular Netflix show beginning in 2017.

People just loved his gritty realism, that he would go to the scum of the earth and do whatever was necessary to avenge those wronged and serve justice. For example, in one episode, he rescues a girl from an underage porn operation.

However, as you can imagine, all that brutality, guns, and a strict right is right, and wrong is wrong ideology isn’t exactly popular with the progressive left. In recent months, they’ve even begun targeting the fictional character, show, and anything to do with him as a movement of the extreme right wing.

Despite this, “The Punisher” remains popular with the masses. So Marvel is in a bit of a pickle.

Don’t worry; they have a solution.

They’ll simply end “The Punisher’s” ways and retain the cameo character of Frank Castle, who has given up vengeance and resigned himself to live a simpler life, only rescuing children. Gone are the guns, the history of violence, the rage, etc.

Another conservative icon bites the dust…