Man Tries to Get His Dog to Take Blame for DUI


We’ve all had those situations where we get into trouble and look for someone else to blame.

And if you’ve ever had a bit too much to drink, you know that getting into trouble is likely inevitable. And mistakes will be made.

In Springfield, Colorado, a man was pulled over for going 52 mph in a 30 mph zone. Once the vehicle pulled over, the police officer watched what happened next.

The man didn’t want to be in the driver’s seat. He was intoxicated and knew that he’d end up with a DUI. Since there was no other person in the car to take the rap, he chose to swap places with his dog that was riding shotgun.

Once the officer approached, the man “showed clear signs of intoxication” and denied that he was the one driving the car.

Let’s recap. Drunk man tried to switch places with his dog. Drunk man tried to tell the police officer that the dog was driving. Then, when the officer asked about his alcohol consumption, he tried to run away.

The man made it about 20 yards prior to being apprehended. He also had two active warrants out for his arrest.

So, the man was charged with not only a DUI but also speeding, resisting arrest, and driving under a suspended license.

The dog is being cared for by a friend. And as the Springfield Police Department joked on their Facebook page, “The dog does not face any charges and was let go with just a warning.”

DUIs are bad, everyone. And don’t even try pinning it on your dog.