Man Chooses Suicide at Grand Canyon

Olya Lytvyn /
Olya Lytvyn /

For years, onlookers at the Grand Canyon have enjoyed safe views of the incredible plunge into the earth and the Colorado River that formed it below. With the addition of the Skywalk – a horseshoe-shaped platform that extends 70 feet out and over the rim of the canyon, it has drawn even more people who want to see the awesomeness of nature.

Sadly though, for an unnamed 33-year-old man, the view from the top wasn’t good enough. While unconfirmed by the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue (MSCOSR), there are reports of him walking on the railing of the Skywalk before plunging himself off the bridge and to his death.

In response to his jump, two rope specialists “responded with (a) Kingman (Department of Public Safety) Ranger helicopter to the scene and determined the man was deceased,” per an MSCOSR Facebook post. The sheriff’s office transported his body to the Hualapai Nation located in northwestern AZ.

With suicide being an uncommon death at the Grand Canyon, there have only been 91 since the early 1900s. Given the natural beauty and the ability to disconnect from the problems of the regular world, many who have been suicidal have claimed to arrive here and decide that life is worth living.

Arizona is a leading state for suicidal thoughts and attempts. With a complete lack of mental health resources and a massive loss of jobs to illegals, the state has become little more than an incredibly depressing oven, with little hope of seeing improvements.

If the state wants to see a drop in their suicide numbers, they’ll need to make big changes and make them quickly. Time is of the essence, and this jumper could easily inspire many more.