Magic Shrooms are a Win in Colorado

David Ramalleira Giner /
David Ramalleira Giner /

We have enough problems with drug addiction, crime, and people not showing up to work. And yet, magic mushrooms have just become legal in Colorado.

There are no health benefits to “shrooms.” Instead, most health professionals identify that the psilocybin found in magic mushrooms provides anxiety, fear, and nausea for most people. However, they also offer some introspection or a “trip” many people love. Unfortunately, the consumption of too many can also lead to increased heart rates and even “bad trips.”

Voters in Colorado thought it would be a good idea to legalize this drug so that more people could experience the trips.

But why?

Since there are no health benefits, it’s simply so that people can experience the psychedelic effects. And perhaps that shows just how much society is changing. It’s no longer about using legal products to enjoy life. It’s about finding illegal drugs and making them legal so that they can continue their bad habits without getting in trouble for it all.

And you better believe that this will increase drug usage. People will mix the shrooms with other drugs. And it will only be a matter of time before Colorado finds out that they made a huge mistake. The problem is that a lot of people will have to die or overdose on the streets before that mistake is realized.

It gets worse. On the midterm ballots, Colorado chose not to extend the ability to purchase wine on the weekend. And yet they just legalized magic mushrooms. It clearly shows that the Democrats running the state have a liberal agenda that they have to follow.