Look! More Men are Winning Female Athletic Competitions

JOSE_ESCUDERO / shutterstock.com
JOSE_ESCUDERO / shutterstock.com

It’s a sad day that the liberals have fought so hard for the trans community that women are forced to take a step back.

Perhaps you remember the phrase, “Anything you can do, I can do better.” It started out as a show tune for “Annie Get Your Gun” as a way to show that women can do things just as well as men.

How disappointed the 1946 Broadway musical would be if they found out that we’re letting men compete in women’s sports.

It’s hard to do everything that a man can do and at the same level.

At least in the musical, they were sharpshooting.

Now, women are being forced to swim and play other sports on the same level as men. And a biological male is known to be stronger, faster, and have more endurance.

It’s why sports are divided between the genders. It offers a level of fairness.

Oh, but that’s NOT fair, according to the liberals. Those who identify as women but who were born biological males should get to compete as women.

Should they, though?

A Daily Caller News Foundation investigation found that women and girls across dozens of competitions have been losing to transgender women, otherwise known as biological men.

And the reason is simple. Transgender women have biological advantages. It doesn’t matter what they identify as. Their biology still places them in the male category.

The Sports Council’s Equality Group has explained that there are “differences in an average woman’s strength, stamina, and physique compared to the average male are sustained even when a male undergoes testosterone suppression.”

That means that there is no fairness. Women don’t have the same opportunities to win without the sex-based categories.

And we’re seeing that with more and more frequency in women’s sports.

Women are losing – and a great example of that is looking at collegiate swimming. Lia Thomas is a transgender female.

When she competed on the men’s team, she was ranking 462 on the men’s team. Then, suddenly, she came out as transgender and swapped over to the women’s team. Now, she’s ranking first in the nation.

It doesn’t seem to make sense, does it?

There’s another instance of Laurel Hubbard winning gold at the Pacific Games. The transgender weightlifter made history by being the first biological male to win in the female category. And that means that biological females competing in the category don’t even stand a chance.
More and more biological women are speaking up because they see how they are being edged out in the name of going woke.

Riley Gains is a spokeswoman for Stand with Women and is a former collegiate swimmer. She explains, “This issue matters because women deserve equal opportunities to achieve and succeed through fair competition. We do not need to give up our consent in places where we undress and we do not need to give up the awards we have earned simply to validate men or make males feel better about the insecurities their dealing with.”

The Alliance Defending Freedom has a say on it, too – especially as they are representing girls who have sued the state athletic association of Connecticut because biological males won state titles in the women’s category.

ADF Senior Counsel Roger Brooks explained, “Males will always have inherent physical advantages over comparably talented and trained girls.”

Is it time to create two more athletic categories to accommodate transgender men and women? We’re not sure what the answer is. However, when there are more biological men winning in women’s sports categories, it’s clear that there’s something broken within the system.