Legendary NBA Coach Refuses to Watch Games Because They’re Too Politicized in 2023

Alex Kravtsov / shutterstock.com
Alex Kravtsov / shutterstock.com

Prior to the recent Bud Light debacle, no industry had embodied the maxim of “Go woke, go broke” better than the world of professional sports. Fans have been relentlessly tuning out to avoid watching NFL players take a knee, and to prevent the endless waves of rainbow politics invading every space in their lives. At least one legendary NBA coach agrees. Hall of Famer Phil Jackson now says he can’t stand to watch a pro basketball game.

“People want to see sports as non-political,” Jackson said on Rick Rubin’s podcast.

Amen! If there is any area of our lives remaining where we don’t get smacked over the head with some global warming (which is fake) or other Democrat Party pet project, it should be sports. People loved to watch sports because of the competitive nature of the games, but also because it is a refuge from the rest of the crummy bad news in society.

If you try to watch an NFL football game, most of the players take a knee out of disrespect to the flag and they sing a song that is not the US national anthem. Why would anyone tune in, since the NFL so clearly hates its own fan base so much?

Jackson, of course, coached the Chicago Bulls during the Michael Jordan era and spent many years with the L.A. Lakers after that. He can’t stand the politicking during the games any longer.
“It was catering, trying to cater to an audience or trying to bring a certain audience into play. They didn’t know it was turning other people off.”

Exactly! Not that ESPN, Fox Sports, or any of the other outlets are going to take advice from Phil Jackson. They’re more likely to condemn him these days for being a “privileged old white man.”