Latest SCOTUS Judge Is ALL About the Race

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Ketanji Brown Jackson is the worst, but we already knew that. After all, what did we expect when Biden went into the nomination process with his mind made up that he wanted a black female…there wasn’t a very large pool to pull from.

Now, we’re seeing what she meant by being a “progressive originalist.” Essentially, she’ll twist and turn the Constitution to mean anything that she wants – as long as it fits with the progressive agenda that is being aggressively shoved by the Democrats.

There’s currently a case being reviewed by the Supreme Court. It involves the gerrymandering map for Alabama. Supposedly, there’s racial discrimination in the voting policies, which means that it’s in violation of the Voting Rights Act.

The Court of Appeals required a new map to be drawn, but that would have been a considerable benefit to the Democrats.

Edmund LaCour is the solicitor general for Alabama and explained that the way the map is right now, it is “race-neutral.”

That’s not good enough for Brown Jackson, however. In fact, she has managed to read the 14th amendment in such a way that she believes that it doesn’t require us to be race-neutral.”

Brown Jackson made the comment that “I don’t think that the historical record establishes that the founders believed that race neutrality or race blindness was required.”

In an effort to establish equity and equality, we may even start to see race-based policies in the near future. What’s next, segregation?