Kyra Sedgwick Learns “Consent is Sexy”

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Kyra Sedgwick has had an impressive career in Hollywood. And as “The Closer” comes to an end, she has had a chance to reflect on some of the interesting aspects of her time in front of and behind the camera.

One of the topics she talked about in a recent interview with Yahoo Entertainment was how sex and nudity have changed. Specifically, women are more empowered in today’s Hollywood. Women have the ability to say “no” when it comes to on-screen nudity. And Sedgwick, for one, is happy to see such an evolution.

Space Oddity, a romance sci-fi that was released in 2022, was the first time Sedgwick got to be the director of a feature film. It stars Alexandra Shipp and Kyle Allen, with Kevin Bacon (also Sedgwick’s husband) having a role. Allen’s character falls for Shipp’s character, and when it comes to sex for the first time, Allen pauses to ask if it’s okay that he’s kissing her.

That “ask” wasn’t in the script. However, Allen felt the need to add it. And when questioned about it later, Sedgwick laughed and was told by the leading actors that “Consent is sexy.”

That’s something that Sedgwick has learned about today’s Hollywood, and how things have evolved. She admits that it’s “definitely something you would never have seen in a million years in Fast Times at Ridgemont High!”

It seems that being a parent to two adult children has helped the actress gain an understanding of what’s going on with today’s youth. Since many young adults have had to deal with one existential crisis after another (hello, COVID), it can lead to more emotions.

At least we can all have hope for today’s youth, especially now that we know “consent is sexy.” That’s really a phrase we need to promote a lot more, too, don’t you think?