KJP Storms Out of Briefing Room and Reporter Gets Threatened

lev radin / shutterstock.com
lev radin / shutterstock.com

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had just been grilled by Fox’s Peter Doocy over why Russia was able to get such a lopsided deal to get Brittney Griner released. They got a convicted arms dealer/terrorist responsible for all kinds of world chaos and was known as the “Merchant of Death” in exchange for a celebrity basketball player.

The elephant in the room was how in the world America didn’t get the marine, Paul Whelan, who’s been held as a hostage for the last four years.

KJP didn’t have an answer, just like the White House administration hasn’t had answers since Biden took office.

But this altercation wasn’t the only one KJP faced from the reporters. Simon Ateba of Today News Africa caused an unprecedented reaction from the press secretary.

He isn’t quiet about how KJP has discriminated against some reporters who aren’t on a favored list and he has complained that she skips over less-favored outlets.

On Thursday, he asked why she kept refusing to take a question about the Africa summit. She just lost it and stormed right out of the briefing room.

She claimed that he refused to listen to her answer, but she didn’t even answer and she talked right over the reporter.

Ateba did not remain quiet after KJP walked out, he said that even though she was “black like me,” she was ignoring him and the questions about Africa.

Here’s exactly what he wrote on social media, “President @JoeBiden’s @PressSec @KJP46 is black like me. President Biden is about to host nearly 50 African leaders, the biggest gathering of leaders in his entire presidency. Yet, Biden and Karine do not give questions to the African journalist covering the @WhiteHouse. How sad!”

Here’s another question: why hasn’t the White House Correspondents Association stood up on behalf of their members being ignored? Instead, he got yelled at and threatened to be suspended.