Kamala’s Definition of Success?

Sheila Fitzgerald / shutterstock.com
Sheila Fitzgerald / shutterstock.com

Kamala Harris has been known to be a bad speaker. Between her word salads and her inability to speak to anyone like adults, what comes out of her mouth falls flat.

This past Friday, she was at Howard University and offered a pep talk to the Bison – her alma mater. The basketball team had just lost significantly. It wasn’t just a loss. Some would call it a complete beatdown considering it was a 28-point loss.

Dan Dakich, a former basketball player and head coach at Indiana University is now a radio host on Outkick. He showed up on the Tucker Carlson show just in time to talk about Harris’s little pep talk.

He talked about how it was going to be a hard speech anyway because you have to talk to a bunch of kids who just lost. And as RedState’s Nick Arama explained, Harris provided a “full-on cringe” speech.

“You made us Bison so so proud.”

Yikes. Did they? They don’t feel that way and neither does anyone in the stands. It would be better if she simply called it like it was.

So, is that Harris’s definition of success? A loss of 28 points. If it is, it could explain quite a bit about the way that she operates within the Biden administration.

Some kids would likely stand up and leave after being talked to the way that Harris talked to them.

Dakich made this comment: “She talks to people like they’re in kindergarten. She loves her own jokes. I would be sitting there going man, come on. But I will say this. I thought the Howard kids showed class. I thought they were fantastic.”

Ultimately, the kids got an invitation to the White House, so it wasn’t a total loss. However, it’s unlikely that the Bison’s coach feels that the team made them “so so proud” after suffering such a loss.

Perhaps Harris needs to adjust her speech so she’s not always talking to people as though they are in Kindergarten. Though, is that even possible?