Jim Banks is Officially in the Running

rarrarorro / shutterstock.com
rarrarorro / shutterstock.com

With the 2022 midterms officially over and a new congress installed in Washington, it’s time to start looking to 2024. Naturally, that means considering who will be running for president, especially considering both Biden and Trump have pretty much announced they’re interested.

But it also means looking towards yet another new Congress, and hopefully, one that is even better for our nation.

Now to be clear, it’s a bit early in the game yet. I mean, the 118th congress was just sworn in a little more than weeks ago. However, with a political atmosphere like today’s and when the future of our very nation is at stake, I’m not sure there’s any such thing as too early.

And apparently, neither does current Indiana GOP member and Representative Jim Banks.

On Tuesday, Banks announced that he will indeed be running for the US Senate come 2024. If elected, he will be taking the seat of outgoing Republican Senator Mike Braun.

Braun has also been thinking about 2024. And his recent decision and announcement are that he will be stepping down as Senator in the hopes of becoming Indiana’s new governor.

Naturally, the move would create something of a power vacuum, with many wondering who will fill his seat, especially since he’s been such a strong and conservative force in the US Senate in recent years. The hope would be that someone equally conservative and determined would take his place.

And for Banks, that’s good news.

As he posted on his Twitter account, “Indiana deserves a conservative fighter in the United States Senate.” As does the entire nation. It’s Banks thinking that he could be such a man. After all, he’s already been that in the US House of Representatives.

Additionally, he’s one of only a few that has actually acknowledged what we all know is going on – a war between the left and right for the future of our country, as he told the National Review in a recent interview. And Banks has made it his life’s mission to ensure that the radical left does not win that war.

Luckily, all that effort is being noticed by those who can do much to ensure that Banks and others like him have a fairly easy road to success and keep America free.

Within hours of Banks’ Tuesday announcement, one such group was already announcing an endorsement of him for Braun’s to-be-vacated seat, as well as a promise to do all they could to get him there.

Enter the Club for Growth PAC. Well endowed with both money and resources, the PAC made a statement of its own on Tuesday backing Banks’ campaign for Senate and vowing to “spend whatever it takes to help Banks secure the nomination and victory.”

As the PAC’s president David McIntosh, stated, Banks is “proven” not only as a conservative but as a “champion for economic freedom, liberty, and opportunity.” And he is proud to stand behind him.

Obviously, this is good news for Banks. But it’s also good news for America as a whole.

As I mentioned before, we are in a war for the future of the US. Previously, it might have looked as if the political left might win, with both congressional houses, as well as the executive branch run by the Democratic Party and the socialists within its ranks.

However, with the more recent 2022 midterms, its been proven that going farther left isn’t exactly what most Americans want, despite not seeing the much anticipated “red wave.”

But just because the Republican Party took back control of the House of Representatives and made a number of big wins in the States all across the nation doesn’t mean we can relax and not stay in the fight.

If anything, it’s now when we need to prove that we will not back down – that we will fight tooth and nail to keep Americans free, to fight for our Constitutional rights, and to ensure that radical leftism does not take hold and grow any more than it already has.

Thankfully, Jim Banks understands that need and is working hard to do just that. And that’s exactly why if we want to see America’s future look more conservative than liberal, we have to stand and fight, too.