It’s Time for the Government to Be Honest About UFOs

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Perhaps one of the best lines about UFOs and the federal government was from the 1990s hit “Independence Day.” The president asked why the hell he hadn’t been told about the aliens and the UFO crash. His Secretary of State looked at him calmly and said, “plausible deniability.”

The reality is that we’ve heard about UFOs for years. And the military has even come forward to say that they’ve witnessed UFOs while on various missions.

And if you ask many, aliens are already living among us.

So, isn’t it about time that the government be honest about it all? We can handle the truth.

The House Oversight Committee seems to agree, which is why they’re holding a hearing on unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP).

Representative Tim Burchett (R-TN) is heading up the hearing and will be talking about the increase in sightings as well as the impact they have on national security.

Burchett has said, “This hearing is going to be different. We’re going to have witnesses who can speak frankly to the public about their experiences. We’ve had a heck of a lot of pushback about this hearing. There are a lot of people who don’t want this to come to light.”

Several members of Congress are calling for more transparency. It’s time to find out the truth. Either they exist, or they don’t exist.

As such, the Air Force, the Pentagon, and others may have to finally share all of what they know. During the hearing, they’ll also hear from Ryan Graves, who is a former Navy pilot responsible for reporting several UAP encounters.

The call for transparency is a bipartisan demand, too. Representative Jared Moskowitz (D-FL) has said, “If the answer is that there are no unidentified aerial phenomena, then say that, but that’s not what the answers are. The answers are, ‘We can’t tell you.” And so, that leads to speculation.”

We couldn’t agree more. We’re tired of the speculation. It’s time to find out once and for all if we have seen UFOs or UAPs or whatever the government wants to call them now. Essentially, are there aliens flying around in our airspace? We deserve to know – and we might be getting the answers within the coming weeks.