It All Adds Up – Sum 41 Is All Tallied Up and Done After This Tour Cycle

Tony Norkus /
Tony Norkus /

As they asked in their song Still Waiting, “How far will we take this?” the members of Sum 41 have come up with the answer. After seven studio albums (number eight on the way), three live albums, and 26 music videos over 27 years, the band is calling it quits.

Announced via statement online, the band has decided their eighth forthcoming album “Heaven :x: Hell” would be the final release, with the subsequent tour to support it their last go-round as a band. With Guitarist and vocalist Deryck Whibley as the only founding member still in the band, they are going out with most of the lineup they originally broke into the mainstream with back in 2001.

Telling fans the truth in a press release, they didn’t sugarcoat the situation.

“Being in Sum 41 since 1996 brought us some of the best moments of our lives. We are forever grateful to our fans both old and new, who have supported us in every way. It is hard to articulate the love and respect we have for all of you and we wanted you to hear this from us first. Sum 41 will be disbanding. We will still be finishing all of our current upcoming tour dates this year, and we’re looking forward to releasing our final album “Heaven :x: Hell,” along with a final worldwide headlining tour to celebrate.”

Those who grew up listening to their music remember the sudden and everchanging invasion of pop punk from Canada and the UK in the early 2000s. Now watching their kids get into the same music, many are now looking forward to the final tour and getting that last bit of nostalgia while getting their kids into the same music.

From the “Fat Lip” to the “Underclass Hero” it’s time to thank them for the memories and pack the crowd as they ride off into the sunset. God knows the boys earned it.