Is Pete Buttigieg the Most Hated Figure in the Biden Regime?

Jeremy Bustin Photography /
Jeremy Bustin Photography /

Tucker Carlson recently made a humorous observation about Pete Buttigieg that’s worth repeating: “Pete Buttigieg is so bad at his job that people actually know who the US Transportation Secretary is!” That’s true, and it looks like most Americans agree with that sentiment. “Mayor Pete” is awful at his job.

Rasmussen Reports issued a poll on Monday showing that a majority of Americans want Pete Buttigieg to resign from his post as Joe Biden’s Secretary of Transportation. This poll comes on the heels of Buttigieg’s heartless and disinterested response to the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio three weeks ago.

Pete Buttigieg showed up before breakfast one day to tour the disaster zone and vanished before lunchtime. The only reason he showed up at all was that Joe Biden ordered Buttigieg to go to East Palestine and appear interested for a few minutes after President Donald Trump embarrassed him.

Trump showed up in East Palestine to deliver truckloads of bottled water and hope to the miserable and suffering Americans who live there. It’s been three weeks since the derailment, and the federal government still hasn’t done anything meaningful to help as the local citizens are being poised by the air and water.

Buttigieg also allowed the container ship crisis to fester for months when he first started his job. He spends most of his time running around calling roads “racist.” But now the results are in.

51% believe Pete Buttigieg should resign. Only 36% of Americans believe he’s competent enough to do the job.