Is Christianity Disappearing from the US?

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We’re all familiar with the pledge of allegiance…”One nation, under God…” That God is a Christian God – and it is the very same one that the founding fathers of our nation believed in. Even our currency reminds us of our Christian roots.

The entire country was founded on the beliefs of Christianity.

Over the years, we’ve wandered from those roots. We’ve allowed other religions to rise in the US. And it may explain quite a bit, including the rise in crime. People have stopped fearing God.

Meanwhile, atheism and Islam are rising.

Christianity is still the largest religion in the world at about 31% of the population. Islam is second at 24.9%. Atheism comes in third.

Approximately 210 million Christians are in the United States. It’s about 66% of the population, but that’s 12% lower than it was a decade ago. That’s where we’re getting into trouble.

Some people believe in no God at all.

And Islam, a particularly violent religion, is growing. These are people who will bomb planes, shoot guns, swing swords, and wreak havoc on the world without a second thought.

Religions outside of Christianity often use their faith to justify discrimination and abuse.

Just look at what’s being done in Afghanistan now that the rule has fallen back to the Taliban. Women’s rights are completely gone – and they hide behind the religion of Islam for why it is that way.

And we can see the same situation in China with the way that the Uyghur Muslims are treated as slaves.

Liberals seem to be fine with allowing Christianity to die. It’s why there’s a “catholic” president in the White House who is actually pushing the pro-abortion agenda.

Is the death of Christianity in the US to blame for all that’s happening? It may very well be.