Invasion USA: Mass Immigration Now Driving 80 Percent of Population Growth


The “Great Replacement” is no longer a conspiracy theory. It’s happening, and ever since the Biden regime illegitimately took over the country in the 2020 election coup, it’s been accelerating. According to new Census Bureau data analyzed by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), 80% of American population growth is now driven by mass immigration. The future of America’s native-born children and grandchildren is being stolen out from under us.

The number of illegal aliens flooding across the southern border has swelled higher than ever before. And at the same time, the Biden regime has refused to pump the brakes on legal immigration at all.

CIS noted in the report, “Immigration is the primary factor driving U.S. population growth. The net migration of immigrants plus births to immigrants once here accounted for roughly two-thirds to three-fourths of U.S. population growth over the last two decades.”

The Biden regime handed out more than 1 million green cards to foreigners in 2022, so they could steal blue-collar and white-collar jobs from Americans. They issued another 1.4 million temporary work visas to foreigners. Anytime one of those foreigners have a baby on US soil, they know that they now have a golden ticket for permanent legal residency, thanks to our government’s insane anchor baby policy.

Chain migration is also a major factor. About 600,000 of the green cards issued in 2022 were based solely on foreigners already having relatives living in the US. Another 600,000 H-2A visas were awarded to foreigners who came to steal farm jobs from Americans. And 150,000 were awarded H-1B visas to take white-collar STEM jobs from Americans.

And that’s just the legal immigration they’re talking about. We’ll probably never know the true number of illegals that have crossed our southern border. The true population increase is probably far more than the conservative estimate of 80% foreigners.