How to Fight the Evils of Drag Queen Story Hour

Doug McLean /
Doug McLean /

If you’re anything like me, you’ve noticed a terribly frightening trend spread its way across the United States: Drag Queen Story Hour.

It’s something most of us are completely appalled, if not wholly disgusted by. I mean, here are adult men, dressed up as women, in makeup, lingerie, and more, sitting (and sometimes twerking) in front of our young, impressionable children. And usually the book or story they are reading only works to emphasize their opinion that this should be the norm in the US and abroad.

But for Christians like myself, it’s a rather terrifying ordeal and one that cuts to the very heart of everything we want for our children.

The question is then, how do we fight it?

Thanks to leftist-backed media outlets and a narrative that tells us we have to be inclusive and accepting of all ways of life, far too many of us don’t see a way to stop this madness and prevent the indoctrination of our youth. And some have even given up entirely.

If that’s you, let this article be an inspiration to your heart, confirming the fact that there are indeed ways to fight back against this evil – and without spreading hate and simply cursing the darkness.

Enter Ohio pastors, Dale Partridge and Michael Foster.

Their idea is basically to beat this evil by playing its own game. If drag queens are going to offer up their time with our kids and try to influence them, then these pastors are going to do the same.

According to both pastors, who spoke with CBN, it’s time we actually became the “salt and light” to kids around the country instead of passively letting the world influence them and then wondering why they don’t follow the straight and narrow path.

As Foster says, who authored “It’s Good to Be a Man,” “All Christian men should be out there leading the way. If we don’t fill the vacuum, who’s going to fill the vacuum? Well, some dude in lingerie, you know, twerking in front of our kids.”

He goes on to explain that there are “a lot of opportunities” out there for us Christians to do just that. And yet we are passing them by.

For him and Partridge, one of those opportunities is doing exactly what these drag queens are doing. They’re going to the local libraries, signing up to read to children, and then showing up a few days later to do just that.

Foster noted that it took a mere five minutes or so for him to fill out the necessary form at his local library and request a room. A few days later he simply showed up to read to about 35 or so kids. “It’s an opportunity for us to be out there and lead the way.”

And as Partridge says, it doesn’t even have to be a Christian book or one with a biblical message every time. Instead, all it takes to influence our youth in a better way is to read or share with them a story about a “virtuous character.” You know, someone who prevails against evil or wrongdoing. Someone who does what is right, even when all others are telling them to do what feels good.

As the two pastors agree, it’s far past the time for the church and Christians to be silent, hoping someone else will step out and up instead of us.

Now is the time for us to fight back. But that doesn’t have to look like hate and unacceptance, where we take our concerns directly to those we feel are the problem. Instead, let us truly be the salt and light God asked us to be. Let us look for and find opportunities to share His love and way even in a world filled with turmoil and chaos.

If we don’t, you can be certain, as Partridge said, others will do it for you, influencing your kids in a way that is neither Christlike nor even well-meaning. So let’s get out there – for the sake of our kids!