Hillary Clinton Just Insulted Every American

lev radin / shutterstock.com

What happens when Hillary Clinton gets on stage these days? Since she’s not doing any campaigning of her own, it seems that she’s perfectly content to blow up everyone else’s campaign.

In an effort to convince Americans that they need to vote for Democratic candidates, she insulted everyone. When she spoke with Joy Reid on MSNBC, she explained how voters don’t “understand” the threat of the Republican Party.

Essentially, she told every American that they aren’t bright enough to figure out why they should continue to vote Democrat. She wants everyone to ignore the problems with the Democratic Party including border control, crime, and inflation.

According to Clinton, the reason that people are running to the Republican Party is that they can’t “grasp” the threats to their way of life.

Of course, for good measure, Clinton echoed some of the biggest lies of the Democratic Party, similar to what Obama and others have done recently. You’ve heard them before…the GOP will get rid of Social Security, they’ll end Medicare, and they’ll arm everyone in America.

This is Clinton’s “deplorable” theme all over again. It’s no wonder why people are finally waking up and choosing to vote red. They have learned that voting blue “no matter who” didn’t pay off for them.

And if anyone was on the fence, they are certainly going to be a proud member of the GOP now. After all, who wants to sit around and be a part of a party that basically tells them that they’re not smart enough to figure out where they should vote?