Heisman Winner Caleb Williams Discusses NFL Future

Debby Wong / shutterstock.com
Debby Wong / shutterstock.com

Caleb Williams has had a successful year as the quarterback for the USC Trojans. And it was noticeable by all – especially with capturing the Heisman Trophy.

NFL teams are already taking notice of him – and he’ll definitely be a part of the 2024 NFL Draft as long as he stays as good as he is right now.

He may even be a first-round draft pick. Most Heisman trophy winners are.

There’s no opportunity to be picky on Williams’ side. He will basically have to take whatever team offers him a position first. He can always look to switch teams after a few years of proving himself in the NFL.

If you’ve followed football even a tiny bit, you know that there are quite a few teams that are in desperate need of a good quarterback. However, Williams may not be the star QB right away. Often, teams have to spend a year or two getting them ready. The reason? College football isn’t quite the same as the NFL.

Williams would love to go to the Dolphins if he could choose a team. The reason? “I like to be around younger coaches.” Though, he’s also said that he likes the colors and the Miami weather.

The DC native didn’t mention the Commanders as a team he’d like to play for. He did mention a few other places he wouldn’t mind landing if Miami wasn’t in his future. These include:

  • Atlanta Falcons
  • Las Vegas Raiders
  • San Francisco 49ers

It sounds like he wants a nice, warm city. Hopefully for Williams, teams like the Buffalo Bills or the Minnesota Vikings don’t decide they want to shake things up.