Harris Gets Real About the Inflation Reduction Act

lev radin / shutterstock.com

It’s not often that we hear from Kamala Harris. It’s as if the White House tries to keep her locked away because they never know when her infamous hyena laugh is going to strike again. She has a tendency to laugh whenever she’s caught in a lie or doesn’t know what to say. It tends to give the Democratic Party a bad image, so they don’t let her out much.

When Kamala Harris does speak, she usually treats everyone like they’re idiots. She over-simplifies, and it’s insulting.

Recently, Harris decided that it was time to talk about the Inflation Reduction Act. You remember that piece of legislation, don’t you? It was passed by the Democrats as a way to fix everything so that American families aren’t spending a fortune.

This was Harris’ chance to tell us how we’re about to see inflation disappear. She could have eased our worries, and just in time for the midterm elections, too.
Instead, she talked about school buses. She loves them, and it’s all she could talk about.

She was asked about her favorite part of the Inflation Reduction Act. Her response was that “I have a particular fondness, I must tell you, for electric school buses.”

Wait, what?

If you’re wondering what electric school buses have to do with the IRA, the answer is nothing. But that’s just the point.

The reality is that the Inflation Reduction Act is nothing more than the Green New Deal in sheep’s clothing.

We’re supposed to believe that, somehow, if we adopt electric school buses all over the country, that will help to reduce the costs for Americans. It doesn’t make sense, but nothing that comes out of the VP’s mouth does.

It’s no wonder we haven’t booted Biden yet. We’d be left with her, and that might not be an acceptable solution.