GOP Rep Kicked Out of January 6 Gulag for Bringing His Bible with Him

Eakachai Leesin /
Eakachai Leesin /

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) led a bipartisan delegation of lawmakers to the disgusting DC gulag a few days ago, to view the hellish torture conditions that Joe Biden has been holding peaceful January 6 protesters in for two years now without trial. The visit didn’t go as planned. Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA) was kicked out of Biden’s gulag for bringing his Bible with him.

As we’ve known for the past two years, the peaceful Trump supporters who objected to the certification of the fake 2020 election on January 6, 2021, are being treated worse than Al Qaeda fighters were ever treated at Guantanamo Bay. At least the Al Qaeda guys had access to their lawyers and were allowed to practice their religion while behind bars. The peaceful protesters are not.

Reports have been leaking out of the disgusting jailhouse for the past two years. The water from the faucets is black, and the political prisoners have to strain it through their socks just to drink it. The all-black guard staff routinely hurls racist epithets at the white detainees. Some prisoners have been routinely beaten and even sexually assaulted by the guards.

One man who was accused of misdemeanor trespassing on January 6th was beaten so severely that he lost an eye. The prisoners are also denied access to medical care. The conditions are just about as hellish as you could read about in any description of a Vietnamese POW camp.

Attorney Joseph McBride, who has been working to try to free many of the political prisoners for two years now, confirmed on Friday that Rep. Higgins was kicked out of the jail for carrying his Bible with him. Think back to the way liberals howled with rage when Guantanamo Bay detainees didn’t have enough Korans to go around. But they don’t want Joe Biden’s political prisoners to have any access to the Bible.

How much longer can the subhuman standards continue for the detainees?