GOP Mayor Removed After Not Backing Down to Woke Mob

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By now, we all know there’s a certain risk to standing up to the woke mob of the political left, even if ‘go woke, go broke’ is true more often than not. But for this small-town Republican mayor, refusing to go woke was the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak.

As you know, we are just finishing up “pride” month, a time when wokeness, in all of its supposed glory and ridiculousness, is on full display. As a result, many towns, municipalities, and states even have touted their loyalty to the political left by displaying “pride” flags.

But Republican Mayor Perrin Mosca, who governs the small New Jersey town of Rochelle Park, refused to follow that trend. And for his supposed crime, he was ousted.

As News 12 The Bronx reported recently, Mosca had refused to raise the multi-colored flag at town hall, stating that it was not “inclusive.” According to him, he and the other leaders of Rochelle Park had agreed that they would never fly a flag “that singled out one group over another.” And the pride flag certainly does that.

So he opted not to put it up.

Shortly after that, the four other township committee members voted him out of office, three of whom were Republicans.

But that’s only part of what makes this story interesting.

You see, apparently, Mosca had lost favor with his party and fellow committee members a while ago.

According to those other GOP council members, the now-former mayor had begun missing council meetings. He was also accused of “embarrassing the township and hindering its progress.” More specifically, fellow and local party members asserted that he was putting his personal “ideals over what is best for the residents.”

So basically, they were looking for something to bust him on.

And not flying the pride flag became it, no matter how right or wrong he may have been for doing it.