Get the COVID Shot? You Might Be in Trouble

Tobias Arhelger /

We already know that Pfizer is in BIG trouble because they allowed millions of people around the world to get a COVID-19 vaccine that wasn’t fully tested. And now, research is showing that anyone who has gotten the COVID vaccine may have problems with their heart.

A study conducted by one of the leading cardiologists in the world, Professor and Doctor Christian Muller, has found that EVERY single person who has gotten a COVID booster shot shows elevated markers of heart disease. And this is happening just three days following the injection.

Out of 777 patients who received booster shot #1, all 777 had early signs of heart damage showing up in their bloodstream.

Guess what? The COVID shot is still being pushed as a requirement in various aspects of travel. In many instances, it’s not enough to have the initial two COVID shots. You need a booster if you want to participate in certain activities, including international air travel.

Does this mean that misinformation about the COVID vaccines is actually costing us our lives? It’s possible.

Dr. Muller has been working out of the University Hospital Basel in Switzerland. It seems that the mRNA shot is damaging the heart muscle. The question is, what’s going to be done about it?

Well, the CDC has just voted that COVID vaccines should be placed on childhood vaccination schedules in the U.S. That means it doesn’t seem to matter what the research says. The government will continue to do whatever it wants, regardless of the science.