Former Business Partner Testifies Hunter Needed Daddy To Close Most of His Deals

On July 24th, the White House changed its official position on President Biden’s involvement with Hunter Biden in the business dealings of the coke addict. From three years of claiming ignorance, as well as not being involved in his shady business deals, to simply just not being involved. While a small distinction between the two, it is an incredibly important one to make.

As released by the New York Post on the 24th, former Hunter Biden business partner Devon Archer’s upcoming testimony is damning. Turns out that Hunter put Joe on speakerphone during a minimum of two dozen different business calls. That’s just in front of him, let alone when he was away. Trying to smooth things a bit, he claims Joe didn’t always know he was on speakerphone.

These aren’t just moments someone with a famous dad can provide as a fun moment. Instead, this proves that Hunter can reach out and connect his business associates to the Vice President at the drop of a hat. Trading influence for positions in companies, money, and perks is highly illegal. Especially since this went on the entire time he was Vice President.

Given Hunter’s connections, while Joe Biden was a Senator, many wonder how long he has been schlepping Daddy’s influence and making some serious coin doing so. If Ukrainian energy company Burisma and its owner Mykola Zlochevsky are telling the truth, the $83,000 a month they were paying Hunter Biden for his connections to Daddy.

For what it’s worth, per an FBI informant, Zlochevsky claims he was forced to pay Joe and Hunter each a $5,000,000 bribe. With audio recordings, bank records, and other evidence, he says he can prove it. Given how the prosecutor looking into Burisma was fired, it looks like he’s being truthful.

Time to watch the Biden “empire” burn to the ground.