Florida’s Red Wave Washed Over ALL Liberal Agendas

AF Branco/Creators.com
AF Branco/Creators.com

The red wave crashed over Florida HARD on Election Night. And now, Democrats are forced to face the reality that Floridians truly want their freedom.

Ron DeSantis was declared the winner by the Associated Press early on in the evening. There was no disputing the fact that Floridians wanted to see the Republican governor stay in office for another term. Crist saw the writing on the wall and conceded.

The devastation to the Democrats was seen from coast to coast. Even Miami-Dade County voted to keep both DeSantis as governor and Rubio as a senator. The county almost never goes red — the last time that it did so was back in 2002 with Jeb Bush. That just shows that the red wave washed over the whole state with no hesitation.

Voters focused on the issues rather than voting based on political lines. The whole “vote blue no matter who” was ignored in Florida because they know that kind of mistake is what landed Biden into the White House.

DeSantis stands for freedom. And that’s what people have been able to achieve in the Sunshine State.

COVID mandates, gone. Critical Race Theory, gone. Open borders, gone.

The Democrats have to wring all of their liberal policies dry from the red wave that crashed over them. There’s no way that they can resurrect such policies now. Families are safe from having their kids indoctrinated into transgender ideologies. And communities are safe because the police will not be defunded.

Florida has taken a step in the right direction to show that Democrats aren’t capable of delivering what the people want. Now, if only the country can continue to make strides.