FINALLY, the 2023 NFL Season Will Give Us a Break From Brady!

Steve Jacobson /
Steve Jacobson /

Since the 2000 NFL season, the world has had Tom Brady playing in the league. While he didn’t see many snaps until the 2001 season when he replaced Drew Bledsoe, his 23 years in the league have made him a fixture on highlight reels, and his 10 appearances in the Super Bowl with seven wins are just two of his records from his time in the league.

Despite thoughts that Brady was going to retire and move into his 10-year $375 million broadcasting contract for the 2022 season, his divorce seemed to change his mind. Considering how quickly he was divorced after he elected to play another season, it would seem as if something forced his hand on this decision. Coming back for one last fruitless season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he went out on Wild Card Weekend after a thorough thrashing by the Dallas Cowboys.

With Fox Sports eagerly awaiting the certain marketing blitz that his name and image are sure to start, they’ll have to wait until at least the 2024 season. Predictably, Brady isn’t ready to get on the mic until he has had time to learn about doing it right. Speaking with Colin Cowherd on his show on February 6th, Brady made no bones about what his future is looking like.

“Talking even last week with the people at Fox Sports and the leadership there allowing me to start my Fox opportunity in the fall of 2024 is something that’s great for me. Take some time to really learn, become great at what I want to do, become great at thinking about the opportunity and making sure I don’t rush into anything.”

Given how many people who are not looking forward to his insight like the Bills Mafia and the Dogg Pound in Cleveland, having the 2023 season tagged as a year without Tom Brady sounds like music to their ears no matter how good or bad their teams do.