Fetterman’s Wife Hightails It to Canada…and Takes the Kids

OogImages / shutterstock.com
OogImages / shutterstock.com

Throughout the Senate race, we saw Gisele Fetterman as the doting wife who was so proud of her husband. Despite his inability to wear a suit to literally any function, she was there. And don’t think she was the best-dressed half of the couple, either. She would brag to anyone who asked about her fashion choice that she was wearing a thrift store find.

The Fettermans, a classy American couple, through and through.

And despite John Fetterman having a stroke, his campaign continued.

Some even believed Gisele was running the campaign and working on behalf of her husband. Photos immediately after him winning showed she was front and center. It was as if someone forgot to tell her that she was not the senator and that it was, in fact, her husband who had won.


Since being sworn in, John Fetterman has been dealing with continuous health crises.

First, he felt dizzy at a Senate retreat and needed to be taken by ambulance.

Then, he checked himself into Walter Reed to be treated for depression.

Where is his doting wife now? Oh, she’s packed up the kids and hightailed it to Canada. She simply cannot deal with the media trucks and, apparently, her husband.

Forget about being by his side and telling him everything will be okay. Forget about putting on a good show for the media. F*** that.

At one point, Gisele tweeted that she wanted everyone to “respect” the privacy being requested for John and the rest of the family.

But then, her inner diva decided she wasn’t getting enough attention. So, she took to Twitter again to say that since the kids were off from school and the media trucks were circling her home, she “did the first thing I could think of…pack them in the car and drive.”

Wow. That’s the first thing she could think of? Abandoning her husband in favor of zip-lining in Buffalo, NY and sightseeing throughout Canada.

Washington Post reporter Colby Itkowitz misread the whole situation and tweeted, “May we all handle the inevitable hard times with this much grace and clarity.”

Is this a joke? Where’s the eyeroll emoji within her tweet? Oh, right…she was serious. It’s no wonder that the tweet has since been deleted.

As for how John is doing, we don’t know – and it’s not as if Gisele can provide us with an update, either. Perhaps she can once she’s recuperated from her whirlwind vacation sans depressed husband.