Female Surfer Takes a Stand Against Biological Males Competing at Her Side

EpicStockMedia / shutterstock.com
EpicStockMedia / shutterstock.com

Within the trans movement, everyone is trying to grab their footing and fight for “equality.” However, it always ends with one party being unhappy with the outcome.

Trans women, which are those who started out life as men, are fighting to be viewed as women. There’s just one problem with that. Many are still men in terms of their sexual organs, their body weight, their muscle mass, their endurance, and more. Simply saying that they identify as a woman isn’t enough to erase the biological fact that they are still men.

And, therefore, we come to the problem of them participating in women’s sports.

A trans woman will always have a one-up on biological women in any sport because of the testosterone coursing through their veins and their ability to be stronger, faster, and last longer.

We’ve heard about the female athletes becoming upset about the sudden presence of men (sorry, trans women) in their competitions. Swimming, soccer, volleyball, track & field, the list goes on.

It’s happening in surfing, too. And professional surfer Bethany Hamilton (the one who famously returned to her favorite sport even after losing an arm in a shark attack) has chosen to take a stand.

She’s calling out the World Surf League over their recent decision that would allow men to compete alongside her.

If you want to talk about equality and fairness, this isn’t it.

Women shouldn’t have to compete alongside men. It isn’t fair. The guise of transgender inclusion changes nothing.

If the liberals REALLY wanted to be equal and fair, there would be an entirely different category for them. After all, they are different. According to them, there are all sorts of different genders – so there should be a category for all of them.

Hamilton took to Instagram with her opinion on the whole ordeal. She wants to know how the WSL came to this decision and if they even bothered to consult with female surfers. You know, because female surfers should get a say on whether they’re okay with competing next to men (again, sorry – trans women).

The female surfer is ready to take one for the team, commenting,  “And I feel that I must speak up and stand up for those in position that may feel that they cannot say something about this. I think many of the girls on tour are not in support of this new rule, and they fear of being ostracized if they speak up. So here I go, questions that I have I want to consider with you.”

Listen to her speak out:


If the rule remains in place where trans women can compete alongside of women, Hamilton has already said that she will not compete in future WSL competitions. And she likely won’t be alone in that stance, either.

So, the real question is this. Will the WSL reconsider their stance if it means they risk losing all of its top competitors?