Fauci’s Future, According to Paul Rand

Christopher Halloran / shutterstock.com

Dr. Fauci became a pop culture icon throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. He’s the one who told us not to mask up. Then, he told us it was imperative to mask up. As soon as the vaccines were ready (despite them not being tested sufficiently), he told us to roll up our sleeves and receive the jab – again and again and again.

A lot has come out since then. The vaccines aren’t as effective as suspected. Closing everything down for as long as we did had dangerous ripple effects on our economy and our children’s education.

And it seems that Fauci is even being investigated due to muffling some of the “misinformation” campaigns that questioned his authority and his agenda.

Rand Paul, the Republican Senator from Kentucky, is a doctor first and foremost. He was against much of what Fauci had to say from the beginning. And even as Democrats tried to silence Paul with “misinformation” labels, it turns out that Paul was right from the very beginning.

Paul has said that the US “botched” the COVID response. And now, he will be leading investigations within the Senate.

The senator is already assuming that the GOP will regain control of the Senate. That’s when he and the rest of the health committee will target Fauci and conduct a more thorough oversight panel. Further, Paul plans to look into the origins of COVID since Fauci was very quick to sweep that under the rug, claiming that it didn’t matter.

Fauci’s future, if Rand Paul has anything to do with it, is looking very bleak.