Father of 7-Year-Old Lashes Out at School Board for Graphic Library Book

Igor Zvencom / shutterstock.com
Igor Zvencom / shutterstock.com

These stories of public schools getting involved with the sexual orientation of our children are beyond belief. The most recent obscene story comes because a father went after the school board to confront his 7-year-old’s educators regarding the sexual content he found in one of his daughter’s school books.

David Todor’s daughter attends a school in the Waterloo Region District, in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. He read passages from a book titled “The Bluest Eye,” one that was approved and made accessible to his 7-year-old daughter.

“He could have been an active homosexual but lacked the courage, beastiality did not occur to him, and sodomy was quite out of the question for he did not experience sustained erections and could not endure the thought of somebody else’s,” the parent read.

This dad asked the school board why it was facilitating child abuse by making these books available in the school library, and on the approved list for fourth and fifth graders.
“Who is interested in knowing my daughter’s sexual orientation? Why is the school board facilitating child abuse,” Todor asked.

A synopsis of the book reads as follows:
“Sexual behavior is also very complicated in this novel. Sex acts and feelings between adults are described, and more than one grown man behaves inappropriately with young girls. There is also incest and domestic violence, including the rape of an 11-year-old girl.”

This father also brought attention to the fact that the board’s meetings were no longer available online and revealed that it was educators that wished only to provide the public with summaries, not full videos or transcripts. He also questioned why it seems like the entire database on YouTube for the board was wiped clean.

He questioned why the board was willing to create a divide between parents, teachers, and students.

Of course, no answers were provided. At least, none that helped to provide this parent any kind of peace of mind.