Even Japan Has Apartment-Based Doomsday Preppers

maroke / shutterstock.com
maroke / shutterstock.com

Over the last several decades, the community of people preparing for doomsday has grown exponentially. While well known by its nickname of “Land of The Rising Sun,” Japan is also home to Zen as well as the meeting place of 4 tectonic plates. To say that a lot of energy and tension is in the region would be an understatement. With experts predicting Tokyo has a 70% chance of suffering a 7.3 magnitude earthquake by 2050, many have been on edge for some time.

Yet, that’s not their only concern.

Tensions with North Korea have been on a steady rise since Japan left Korea in 1945. Many Koreans both North and South firmly believe the Japanese have not done enough to show remorse for their treatment of the Korean people. Additionally, China has been ramping up diplomatic tensions in the region, as they seem to believe they are the only ones entitled to use the Indo-Pacific water region.

So, what are people in Japan to do? The same as they do here in the US. They prep for doomsday.

However, with so many being forced to live in apartments due to a lack of land in developed cities, they have resorted to custom prepper shelters. For parents like Hiroko in Tokyo, they have spent $15,000 to put shelters in their living rooms. Her shelter is basic but provided peace of mind for her and her kids. Speaking with SBS Dateline, she outlined what the shelter can do to provide peace of mind.

“In the event of an earthquake, this is made of aircraft material, so it’s very strong. Even if the house is crushed, this survives. So, it protects us from earthquakes, ballistic missiles, and other dangers,” she explained. We’ve nowhere to hide in this place – we don’t have a basement. So I thought a shelter would be the answer. The air inside is compressed, and there’s enough air for us for two days – that is, if a ballistic missile hits and there’s radiation. After two days, we’ll need to get out.”

This kind of preparation is nothing new, and it’s something the American people need to start taking heed of more rapidly than we have for the past few decades.