Even Iran’s President Can See the LGTBQ Tantrum for What It Is

donfiore / shutterstock.com
donfiore / shutterstock.com

In 2023 it’s not as surprising as you would think that conservatives and outrageous extremists would agree on certain things. One of those topics is the push by the left to flood the US and other nations with LGTBQ propaganda.

So when Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi paid a visit to Africa over the second week of July, it wasn’t horrifically surprising he mentioned Western countries. Especially as he stopped in Kenya, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.

Yet how he described the corruption coming from the left was most troubling.

“The West today is trying to promote the idea of homosexuality, and by promoting homosexuality they are trying to end the generation of human beings. Western countries try to identify homosexuality as an index of civilization, while this is one of the dirtiest things which have been done in human history. I believe that this issue, and these strong attacks by the West against the establishment of families and against the culture of the nations, is another area of cooperation for Iran and Uganda,” he suggested.

Listening to the President of Iran try to unite Iran and Uganda over their harsh far-left ideologies is incredibly troubling but not too surprising. These two nations have been united under incredibly dangerous Muslim ideologies, and given the large Islamic population in these nations, it isn’t surprising Raisi would try to unite them under their religious ideology.

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni signed one of the world’s toughed anti-LGTBQ bills into law back on May 29th, to the roar of heavy criticism from across the globe. Under this bill, being homosexual itself is not illegal.

However, committing homosexual acts is, and it could result in a sentence of life in prison. Museveni attempted to keep a provision for aggravated offenses like homosexuality with someone under 18, someone drugged out, or someone HIV positive having homosexual relations being punished with death out of the bill, but was unsuccessful.

In response to the bill, President Biden went to his usual treasure trove of ideas and threatened to cut funding to Uganda if they didn’t reverse course. Unsurprisingly, they told him that if that’s why it took to keep funding, he could keep it. The people protesting want the gays out of Uganda.

Around the world, people are bringing up the outside influence on Uganda and reminding them that it’s not just the US doing it. From Iran to other nations in Africa and Europe, the country is rife with outside influence, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Instead of blaming other nations, perhaps they need to blame the leftist mindset they took after. Suddenly realizing that the liberals aren’t all they are cracked up to be is something many Americans go through right after college.

The plague of the LGTBQ agenda is destroying homes across the globe. As foretold in the bible and other historical texts, the sudden proliferation of homosexuality and children are signs of the end times coming. This agenda is what the LGTBQ groups are all about. It’s wrong, and its time is up.

Just permitting it to exist openly has been bad enough. Forcing it on youngsters and making people take part in supporting it lest they be outcast for being hateful, sexist, or discriminatory has been a horrific time for the entire globe.

From Uganda to Iran to China and here in the US, their agenda has made everything more difficult and less easy to get through.

By forcing it on all of us, they are making it impossible for people to make their own educated decisions about life, who they love, and how they feel about various subjects. This isn’t a topic that should be up for debate.

If you support it, that’s your decision, but that doesn’t mean everyone else has to. The days of tantrums over this are over.