Europe Abandons Stupid All-Electric Car Mandate

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Well, that was quick. The European Union proudly announced just last year that they would phase out gas-powered cars and trucks completely by 2035. It was totally mandatory, in order to save us all from the weather. Just one year into the plan, they’ve changed their minds. Electricity bills have shot up by 69% across Europe this year, and natural gas bills increased by an average of 111% after Joe Biden blew up their gas pipeline in a terrorist attack. EU leaders have sheepishly admitted that the electric car dream was just a fantasy that they can’t possibly implement by 2035.

Climate weirdos led by George Soros and Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum have been pressuring leaders to ban gas-powered cars and switch to “all-electric” vehicles. Proving that they’re almost as dumb as California Governor Gavin Newsom (D), they complied last year. They were really proud of themselves, too.

This was always going to be mathematically impossible. While Soros and Schwab are pushing for this increase in electric vehicles, they’re also demanding that governments switch from reliable energy sources to unreliable ones. Instead of building more nuclear plants, coal plants, or natural gas plants, governments have been switching to dopey windmills and solar panels. Those don’t generate power at the end of the day when night falls, which is the exact time that people want to plug their electric cars in to recharge.

Even in red states like Texas, which have more recoverable oil than most other places in the world, leaders have allowed this windmill-and-solar-panel boondoggle to take place. Remember the frozen windmills in Texas a few winters ago when people were burning their furniture to stay alive?

So, as the push for more and more electric vehicles has never been heavier, the same people doing the pushing have had leaders reduce the available amount of electricity.

If every car on the road was converted to electric right now, it would cause a 25% increase in the demand on the electric grid. Does any US state or any European country have a 25% surplus of electricity right now, to meet that demand?

But it gets worse. If every car and every truck were converted to electric tomorrow, the demand on the grid would increase by 40%. Nobody has that much extra power, especially with the hysterical fear of “carbon” that has prevented governments from building any new infrastructure.

When you burn gas in your car, that’s the total process. The gas runs the car, and it doesn’t represent any additional loss of electricity or energy. That’s not the case with electric cars.
When you plug an electric car in to be recharged, you have generator losses of electricity, transformer losses, transmission line losses, conversion losses, charging losses, inverter losses, and motor losses of electricity that all comes from the power grid. It’s wildly inefficient and represents a tremendous waste of energy. And those losses get even worse when an electric car owner wants to turn on the vehicle’s heater in cold weather.

Europe made it into year two of its plan and abandoned it. They got a tough lesson on the supply-and-demand of electricity when the Joe Biden terrorist attack on the Nord Stream Pipeline took place. You can reduce the amount of electricity available on the grid by switching to wind and solar, or you can have lots of electric cars. But you can’t have both.

New York and California’s governors are both forging ahead with their stupid plans to ban gas-powered cars. But math and reality will eventually set in for them as well. It’s only a matter of time.