Drag Queen Spanks Mayor for Teens to See

DisobeyArt / shutterstock.com
DisobeyArt / shutterstock.com

Drag queens may have provided entertainment for decades, but it’s only now becoming available to kids. That’s what the liberals don’t seem to understand. No one is saying that drag queens cannot perform. However, there has to be an acceptable age for some of the entertainment because it is extremely adult-oriented.

In California, the liberals like to go for the shock factor – and they got it by allowing teens to attend a Democratic fundraiser.

If it were just a fundraiser, things would have been fine. However, drag queens were in attendance. The fundraiser, which took place in Venice to raise funds for the Santa Clarita Valley Democrats, was a drag queen bingo. The event was quite scandalous with the title being “Roxy’s Got Balls!”

It was identified as being suitable for ages 15 and up. There was a warning that it wasn’t suitable for children.

Hmmm…most drag queen shows along with strip club shows and other adult entertainment is for 18+. California, clearly, doesn’t believe in such rules.

Now, if it was just bingo, again, it might have been okay.

Mayor Konstantine Anthony of Burbank bent over a table at one point during the event. That’s when one of the drag queens dressed in a low-cut rainbow-colored dress picked up a paddle and swatted at his backside.

Yes, it was caught on video.

And no, it shouldn’t have been acceptable for those under the age of 18 to see that. After all, what kind of example is the mayor setting for all of the teens in attendance?

The Libs of TikTok were quick to point out that Anthony defended himself by saying that no kids were in attendance – and yet those who were 15 and up were, in fact, allowed in.