Don’t Be Scared; National Paranormal Day Is Here

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May 3rd is a sacred and important day in the paranormal world. Since 2014, people across the globe have been celebrating Paranormal Day and embracing everything the “other realms” can bring to people. From the spiritually inhabited houses of people who have since passed on but not moved on to the afterlife, to going for a ride down that one back road, people are embracing the idea.

While people have celebrated Paranormal Day in one way or another, May and August were the most common choices by those who had read up on the paranormal extensively. Especially those who spent countless hours on various websites and forums about the subject. In 2014, the voices finally came together and agreed on celebrating on May 3rd. Since then, the truly haunted and disturbed houses, hotels, and saloons have been welcoming throngs of people.

The Whaley House Museum of San Diego, California was originally built in the mid-19th century. In that very plot, James “Yankee Jim” Robinson was hung for all to see, and since then, his ghost is said to haunt the house. In 1960, the US Commerce Department even designated the home as haunted.

The Bird Cage Theatre in Tombstone, Arizona has an incredible story behind it, too. Located about an hour and a half south of Tucson (by car), the town “Too Tough to Die” is not just the backdrop for the movie Tombstone. Instead, it is home to one of the most frequented spots for paranormal activity in the US. From flickering lights and floors splitting to bottles flying across the room, almost anything you can imagine has occurred there. Given its violent past, it’s not surprising.

No matter where you go, getting out to learn more about the paranormal might just open your eyes up to the other side. Getting in touch with ghosts can be a bit much, but like a Ouija board, it’s worth it and a powerful experience to embrace.

And if you happen upon a paranormal experience today or any other day, be sure to let us know about it!