DNA Testing for Migrant Children at the Border?

24K-Production / shutterstock.com
24K-Production / shutterstock.com

If you didn’t know, a great deal of human smuggling goes on at the United States’ southern border with Mexico. And unfortunately, Biden is making child smuggling, in particular, even more of a problem.

To be sure, child smuggling has been going on for some time because it’s a fairly well-known fact among cartels that those coming across the border with children are given a certain degree of leniency or even granted asylum quicker. For them, having a child in tow is kind of like a “skip the line” ticket.

And cartels are taking advantage of it. Some have even created what is known as child “recycling” rings, in which a group of children is used to help get different adults over the border multiple times. All they have to say is that they are the child’s parents, and across they come.

That was until the Trump administration started giving DNA tests to incoming migrant children. What they found was some 30 percent of all children at the border are being trafficked.

I know, it’s astonishing and horrifying.

But apparently, Biden doesn’t really care. Because he just canceled all those DNA tests. Once again, children will be used in smuggling rings, some multiple times, just to get single adults and cartel members in.

Of course, those in the know of this situation are fighting it. Or at least working to introduce new laws that might replace the Trump-era ones.

Representative Lance Gooden of Texas is one such individual. He, along with Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, are proposing bills that would reinstate the DNA testing of children, as well as create a new federal offense called “recycling of minors.” Should one be guilty of such, a prison term of ten years could be awarded.

As Gooden says, “With this bill, we send a clear message that we are committed to the safety and welfare of children, standing firm against any forms of exploitation.”