Did the Jan. 6 Chief Investigator Just Admit That? Take a Look!

lev radin / shutterstock.com
lev radin / shutterstock.com

NBC News must have been confused over what their political agenda is. They recently interviewed the chief investigator for the January 6 committee and what he said and they reported is simply astounding.

Tim Heaphy spoke with NBC’s Lester Holt and made one of the most important admissions of the whole January 6 riot investigation.

In the past, surveillance videos revealed how complicated and confusing the whole situation was, but Heaphy said that the attack was preventable even before the first person stepped onto the Capitol grounds.

It gets worse, according to Holt; committee members like Liz Cheney and Adam Schiff suppressed that information in their final report. They wanted to keep the whole focus on former President Donald Trump.

Take a look at what Healy said. “I think it would have been a lot different had law enforcement taken a more assertive, protective posture. The intel in advance was pretty specific, and it was enough, in our view, for law enforcement to have done a better job operationalizing a secure perimeter.”

He went on to say that law enforcement had a direct role in contributing to the failures of the day that led to violence.

The chief investigator said that the intelligence before the 6th was direct and in no way ambiguous. The FBI was very away that people were going to try to enter the Capitol. They had informants inside of the Proud Boys, and instead of stopping the riot, they just played along.

It seems as if the government wanted things to escalate on January 6th in order to harm Trump and the Republican Party politically. Is there another explanation?

And again, committee members purposefully covered this information in their final report. This behavior is scandalous, and we need more and more of the truth to be revealed.