Desperate Americans Caught Smuggling Eggs Across US-Mexico Border

Nipol Plobmuang /
Nipol Plobmuang /

Most people understand that the US economy is now on extremely shaky ground, thanks to Joe Biden. More than $13 trillion in US household wealth has evaporated over the last year due to the inflation that Biden inflicted on the country by restricting oil and gas drilling. A lot of us don’t understand, however, just how dire and fragile the system is right now. We should be paying closer attention. The US Customs & Border Protection has been catching a lot more Americans trying to reenter the country from Mexico with eggs in their possession.

Americans have been driving into Mexico and Canada for years to get their prescription refills. That’s because Americans subsidize drug prices for the rest of the world. All of the add-on fees that we have to pay here in America for medicines are not charged in Mexico and Canada in many cases. People can save hundreds of dollars per month if they live close enough to a border to drive across, refill their prescriptions, and come back home.

But now Americans are getting caught doing the same thing with eggs. Eggs have climbed up to $8 or $9 a dozen in many places because of Biden’s inflation. In parts of Southern California, it costs $18 to go to the store for one gallon of milk and a dozen eggs. Steak is $25 a pound in some stores. It’s absurd because no one’s wages have gone up to even come close to compensating for the Biden price hike.

It costs nearly $10 for a dozen eggs in San Diego right now ($9.74 at last check). But directly on the other side of the border in Tijuana, a dozen eggs cost just $3 (around 50 pesos). A crate of five dozen eggs that costs $50 in the US costs just $15 in Mexico. That’s quite a temptation if you have a family and you go through a lot of eggs in your diet. A lot of families – especially families with kids – do go through that many eggs in two or three weeks.

So, people in San Diego County have been doing the obvious thing. They’re driving into Mexico, paying dirt cheap prices for their food, and driving back. And then they’re running into a big problem.

It’s illegal to transport raw eggs and some other types of food from Mexico into the US. If you get caught trying to smuggle a $3 carton of eggs into the US from Mexico, you can be fined up to $10,000. Seems like a bit of overkill, but that’s what the current food regulations say.

The Border Patrol says this is happening in towns all along the southern border right now, as desperate families try to save some money on their groceries.

Joe Biden’s infuriating response is that Americans should try to buy different kinds of groceries. He also insists that Americans are experiencing lower inflation than “the rest of the world.” If that’s the case… why are eggs $7 a dozen cheaper if you step across an invisible line in the ground between America and Mexico?

It’s true that energy prices have skyrocketed much higher in Europe than here in America. But that’s just part of the global Build Back Better strategy. That was a self-inflicted wound that never had to happen. Starting a pointless war with Russia over Ukraine could have been avoided entirely. Donald Trump avoided that war for four years through one simple strategy: Tell the crooks in Ukraine that they can’t join NATO. But then when Brandon was in charge, he started a war with Russia and then blew up the gas pipeline that supplies Europe with natural gas. Bingo! Higher gas prices.

It’s obvious at this point that Biden and the Democrats have no solutions when it comes to inflation. They blame consumers or blame Republicans who were a powerless minority the past two years in Congress for the price increases. “It’s not our fault!” Americans should brace themselves because the people in charge have no solution to this problem that they caused.