DeSantis’s Weird Pudding-Eating Habit

Lana Langlois /
Lana Langlois /

Ron DeSantis is commonly viewed as “America’s governor” because of his conservative views and his desire to fight various liberal viewpoints. It’s become obvious over the past few years that he scares the Democrats – even though he hasn’t even announced that he’ll run for president in 2024. It’s simply assumed that he will be.

And that’s where the weird and outlandish claims start coming in.

Recently, Seth Meyers on the “Late Night” revealed that he’s heard about some “weird eating habits” that DeSantis has. These were supposedly shared by a former staffer of the Florida governor.

It’s reported that DeSantis enjoys chocolate pudding from time to time. With three fingers.

No spoon, mind you. Just three fingers digging right into the middle of his pudding cup and into his mouth. And he’ll do this in front of people, not just in the privacy of his own home.
Vanity Fair covered the story with quite a few WTF questions that went along with it.

And Seth Meyers was quick to quip that it wasn’t very “DeSanitary” of the governor.

Plenty of news outlets have claimed that he has eaten pudding with three fingers but we’ve yet to find a single photo as proof. I have to believe that if he has actually done such a thing in public that there’d be photographic proof of it…right?

Even without proof, many liberal publications are running with the story. New York Magazine even published an article titled, “DeSantis Eating Pudding With His Fingers Will End 2024 Bid.”

That’s really what it’s all about, right? They want to end his 2024 bid before it even gets started. It’ll be like Trump all over again, where they try to impeach him before he’s even finished moving everything into the White House.

And by the way, if anyone has a photo of DeSantis fingering his pudding, be sure to share it with us!