DeSantis Campaign Flailing After Staff Attacks Over Russia Hoax Questions

William Hunton /
William Hunton /

The Ron DeSantis campaign had another rough weekend, as campaign staffers needlessly picked a fight with some of their own supporters within the America First movement.

When asked a legitimate question about Ron DeSantis’s previous support for the pointless Mueller report, the DeSantis campaign staffers went ballistic and started taunting conservatives who had thus far supported him. Some prominent figures who had previously endorsed DeSantis in 2024 have now revoked their endorsement of him.

Revolver News founder and former Trump advisor Darren Beattie located a statement that DeSantis made about the Mueller investigation back in 2018. Beattie left the White House after a brief stint in 2017, most likely due to the toxic “JaVanka” dynamic caused by Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.

Beattie hasn’t come across as particularly pro-DeSantis or pro-Trump so far this year. He’s kind of been on the fence.

When Beattie found this clip, however, he tweeted, “Does Ron still believe in the sham Mueller report and the utterly ridiculous ‘Russia hacked the 2016 election’ narrative?”

You can watch the clip for yourself and see what you think of it.

At the tail end of the statement, DeSantis says, “I personally think that the intel report and the indictment are credible in terms of assigning blame, culpability to Russia.”

Instead of answering Beattie’s question—which was a legitimate one—and clarifying DeSantis’s earlier statement, the DeSantis campaign staffers immediately attacked Beattie. “Are you always this dishonest?” one staffer asked Beattie as if the video clip doesn’t show exactly what DeSantis said on Fox News for the whole world to see.

The problem with the DeSantis statement is that Russia did not hack the 2016 election. That never happened.

Robert Mueller never managed to find a single Russian hacker in his years-long fake investigation that cost the taxpayers tens of millions of dollars. We saved the receipts, so here are the “Russian hackers” Mueller indicted over the course of his investigation.

First, he indicted the Russian next-door neighbor of the Pakistani mass murder couple that shot up a health clinic in San Bernardino, CA, back when Obama was in office. The Russian immigrant neighbor had helped the jihadis purchase their AR-15s.

Next, Mueller filed charges against a Russian entrepreneur in Russia who will never travel to the US and who will never be extradited here to face trial. The Russian entrepreneur’s “crime” was selling anti-Hillary meme T-shirts on Facebook.

Finally, Mueller arrested the girlfriend of an NRA board member who happened to be a Russian national, named Maria Butina.

Mueller claimed that she was a lobbyist who had failed to register with the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA—which Hunter Biden was never charged with violating). The Department of Justice aggressively prosecuted her, threw her in prison for a year, and promptly deported her when she got out.

None of those people were Russian hackers. The 2016 election was not hacked. Does Ron DeSantis still hold that Mueller’s indictments were “credible?”

That’s a legit question.

When conservative author and filmmaker Mike Cernovich stepped in on Twitter to ask the DeSantis campaign to simply answer the question, they attacked him. Cernovich has endorsed Ron DeSantis and made many previous statements supporting his candidacy for the 2024 GOP nomination.

But after repeated attacks against Cernovich for simply asking for clarification, he and a number of other conservative influencers have revoked their DeSantis endorsements.

Cernovich went through his own timeline and retweeted multiple kind and supportive statements that he’d previously made about the Florida governor. Cernovich renounced all of those statements and appears to be no longer supporting DeSantis for president in 2024.

Others are abandoning ship as well.

The way that DeSantis is bleeding supporters, it looks like his campaign only has another month or so to go before it stalls out completely. His corporate donors are drying up because his staffers are a bunch of jerks.