Democrats Can’t Stop the Violent Acts

Tero Vesalainen /

We’ve seen how the Democrats point the finger at Republicans over the January 6 Capitol riot. That was just one instance. The Democrats have become increasingly more violent simply because they cannot maintain a difference of opinion.

We could easily point to the BLM riots of 2020. However, we’ll point out more recent events.

At Penn State University, liberal students had a complete meltdown because Alex Stein, a right-leaning comedian and political commentator was invited to visit. Rather than simply choosing not to attend the event, they decided to riot – until the event was finally canceled.

The event was canceled, but Stein was already on campus. He was literally spat at because people didn’t like what he had to say. They got violent while the right did not.

Then, this past weekend, a Republican woman showed up to a Kathy Hochul rally in New York. She stood outside and held an anti-Hochul sign. A man placed her into a chokehold while a Democratic councilwoman held onto her arm.

These violent acts are becoming increasingly more common – and they are completely unprovoked. Liberals attack simply because someone DARES to have a different opinion.

Here’s the worst part: Biden and other Democratic leaders are not denouncing the attacks. They simply stay silent. That means that all of the liberal attackers feel justified.

What does this mean? Well, we can expect the violence to continue until a Democratic politician finally steps up to say enough is enough. The question is, will that ever happen?