Daughter of Eurythmics Hall-of-Famer Shows Up at American Idol Auditions

Erik Cox Photography / shutterstock.com
Erik Cox Photography / shutterstock.com

American Idol has become the go-to show to audition with if you have any kind of musical aspirations. It’s now in its 21st season, and it’s obvious that there are some impressive musical talents behind it all.

The current judges include Katy Perry, Lionel Ritchie, and Luke Bryan.

Kaya Stewart is a 22-year-old who recently auditioned. She walked in with an older man in shades and a fedora following her with a guitar. All of the judges sat up straight, realizing that they were suddenly in the presence of greatness.

No, not Kaya. Rather, her dad. Dave Stewart, the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer from the Eurythmics, would be providing the instrumentals for a song that his daughter would be performing. The song was co-written with her dad, too.

As if she needed to explain, Kaya told the judges, “My dad was in a band called the Eurythmics.” Yes, we all know who your dad is. It’s almost as if she needs someone to explain to her that her dad is a legend.

When Kaya Stewart grew up around music and her dad being who he is, the question had to be asked. Why is she auditioning on American Idol instead of going straight to a record label?
Perhaps she wanted to make it on her own. And she wanted to highlight some of her original music.

Lionel Richie backed her up by making the comment that American Idol has become “a creative destination for artists.”

After she sang her original song, “This Tattoo,” it was clear that the judges were blown away.

Now, we just have to wait to see how she does throughout the competition. Maybe we can hear a new take on “Sweet Dreams” or “Here Comes the Rain Again.” We can only hope, right?